Nitcha Tothong (Fame) Interdisciplinary artist and designer she/her, they/them ✚ ✜ ✛

ณิชชา โตทอง (เฟม) ศิลปิน, นักออกแบบ

b.1987 Bangkok, Thailand

Lives and works in New York

@ - nitcha_dot_fame_at_gmail_dot_com

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Selected Exhibitions

2023, Aug Immersive video installation • Jitr(จิตร): extended gong(ฆ้อง)ensemble | at the Immersive Media Gallery, McGee Pavilion, Alfred University, New York, US

2023, Jul Pop-up Spatial Sound Lab programmed by MIT Spatial Sound Lab at WaveForms: A multimedia art occurrenceJitr(จิตร)–extended gong(ฆ้อง)ensemble | The Museum of Science, Boston, MA, US

2023 Bring Your Own Beamer Bangkok(BYOB) at Bangkok City City Gallery, Bangkok

2023, Apr-May Regen Circuit: a LiveCodeNYC ExhibitionJitr(จิตร) print series | Harvestworks Art & Technology Program on Governors Island, New York, US

2021, Jan–Mar An A-historical Daydream 14th A.I.R. Biennial • Keybod and Click-kick (Gallery I, Gallery II), Atta-matic (Online) | A.I.R Gallery, New York, US

2020 Poetic Computation: Seven Years of SFPC • Remembering | Westbeth Gallery, New York, US

2018, Jun–Jul On Collaboration: Creative Technology Exhibition • Remembering | Macy Art Gallery, New York, US

2017 International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) • Atta-matic | Maui, Hawaii, US

2017, Jan Put Together, Bdyhax Con • Keybod and Click-kick | Austin Convention Center, Austin, US

2016 Erote • Keybod and Text-neck | Hollow Art Space, Brooklyn, US

2016 Bushwick Collective • Atta-matic | Bushwick, Brooklyn, US

2016 Between Spaces • Atta-matic | Parsons D12, New York, US

2016 IndieCade East • Lick it | Museum of Moving Image, New York, US